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Please join me as I teach the old fashioned techniques and skills needed to sew baby clothes. You will find lessons that start at the very beginning and take you step by step as we sew little baby clothes together. May you find much joy and pleasure in making them.
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Wednesday, May 27

Sew Sew's in May

These Hexies are for  the current program at the French Handsewers Saga Guild.

We're making a pincushion.

I love the confetti of fabric scraps.  It is so colorful.

Diane is making another wedding Garter from silk fabric and pretty lace.  
If you look close you can see the tiny beads she's attaching.

My neighbor came to join us today.  
She is the neighbor I stitch with Thursday evenings. She is a hand quilter (and piecer)

Laura has been distracted from her smocking by my Brown Dog.
He usually goes to Doggie Play Day when I have company but not today.

One you pet a lab, they will stay hopefully by your side.
They can never get enough attention!

Sewing Friends.

Jennie shared her lovely dress with me.  I would like to copy it.

More pictures of this vintage treasure next post!

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Tuesday, May 26

My Brown Dog in The Sewing Room

He is such a handsome guy!!

But why do labs always look sad (or guilty)?  I mean he has a great life! Really!!

He is sleeping between my sewing machine and my work table.
And why do they always lay down where they are smack dab in the way!!

My Brown Dog is NOT to be ignored.

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Friday, May 22

Latest Mystery Block Quilt Square- Done

The next block we will start on is shown in the lower left.
My Friend Bunny and I got together three different times to cut out and stitch just this one block.

Gee, that must explain why it has taken us 10 Months to complete 8 squares.
In our behalf - we only stitch when we're together.  Which is the point of us making the quilt. Fun times sewing together!

I love Fabric!  I love Sewing Friends! 

 I love to Sew!!

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Thursday, May 21

Flowers in My Sewing Room

The two Roses on my Sewing Room desk are old porcelain roses.
Pretty and practical and vintage!

Love the combination.

They were a  gift from a student in my class at Beth's Heirloom Sewing Shop.
They once belonged to her Mother so they are special.

Roses in my kitchen too.  
This time from my garden. They are David Austin's Graham Thomas.

I love Roses!

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Monday, May 18

Stilleto vs Awl in Eyelet Embroidery.

This is  a Tapered Tailor's Awl, (available in my Web Store).

The fact that it is tapered makes it useful for a variety of Eyelet types and sizes.  
I use it for both fine, tiny eyelets and  larger open eyelets.

This beautiful silver Stiletto was a gift from a sweet sewing friend.
Useful and lovely are the very best of all!

It is also tapered. 
 It is  vintage and has a gauge that is adjustable so you can control the size of the eyelet for consistency. Kinda cool.

The lower two vintage stilettos were given me.  The top one is silver and I found it at a Paris Flea Market.  I just love saying that….I found it at a Paris Flea Market!!!

All three  Stilettos above are tapered.  


  1. a small pointed tool used for piercing holes, especially in leather.

    Do an image search on the internet and you will see a variety of tools used for piercing holes.  Some delicate and fine, some resemble early stitching tools (think - tribes people sewing soft leather for shoes) and some look like small tools that are sturdy and might be found in a mans Tool Box.

    My assorted Collection. All usable.

  1. 1
    a short dagger with a tapering blade.
a thin, high, tapering heel on a woman's shoe.
"the rapid click of stiletto heels on pavement"

Stiletto -  a pointed instrument for piercing holes for eyelets or embroidery - 
a short dagger with a pointed blade

The two stilettos above are not tapered.  They are very handy when making several small eyelets because you don't need to worry how far into the fabric you are inserting the stiletto.  They will be a consistent size.

Do an image search on the Internet for Stiletto and you will see mostly ornate old Daggers and lots of high heeled shoes, with an occasional sewing stiletto which also turned up in the search for Awls.

However - when you change the search to Sewing Awl - You get alot more of the delicate tools you expect to see in an Embroidery Basket and still many of the hardy type for leather.

Change the search to Sewing Stiletto and you get mostly lovely tools for an Embroidery Basket along with the hardy type for leather.

It wouldn't surprise me if you get many differing opinions - especially from the "experts"!

This stiletto fastens into the case to keep it safe.
This beautiful Stiletto is hand made from Olive Wood and given me by another sweet sewing friend.

It is especially important that the stiletto be smooth and pointed.  If you are looking for vintage, examine it carefully because they are hard to find in good working order.

Conclusion about Awls and Stilettos - They are basically all tools to pierce holes in something.  Based on the Image search for Sewing Stilettos vs Sewing Awls…..I would much rather have my pick from the Stilettos so I am going with that.

I always perfer the pretty ones!!

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Saturday, May 16

Old Featherstitching on Linen

This Featherstitching was on an old Linen Pillowcase. 

Real Linen, as in Linen fabric.

Oh to have had this Pillowcase brand new.  With gorgeous lace, fine hemstitching and beautiful featherstitching.  Who wouldn't have sweet dreams?
When the Pillowcase wore out, they must have cut off the end to save the lace.
But if you look closely at the top you can see that they cut right through the featherstitching! :(

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2015 Jeannie Baumeister
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