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Saturday, November 22

My Holiday - I Love Castles

Caernarfon Castle is on the water.
I love Castles!
This one is in the town of Caernarfon in Wales.  I didn't know how much I would like Wales but it is a place I would like to stay for a while and just live it.

Inside the walls of the Castle.

I like the way Castles have windy passages with surprises around the corner.

And little peep holes to look through.  Of course in the day of the Castle these little peep holes would be used to shoot arrows from. And the Castles were needed because it was an age of wars.  Not Good!

So, I would never want to live in a Castle but they are fun to explore.

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Friday, November 21

My Holiday - Lunch at Beatrice Potters Farm

I love Beatrice Potter.  

And it was fun to have a home hosted lunch in a farm once owned by her.

It looked very Peter Rabbitish to me.

And the country was beautiful.

For lunch we had yummy bread served in this pretty blue and white bowl.

And what do you think?  

We had the best Carrot Soup ever made.

A Peter Rabbit kind of a day!

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Wednesday, November 19

My Holiday - Yorkshire

I love Yorkshire!

We drove through the Moors on our way to...

the North Sea.

Our destination was the ruins of Whitby Abby that you see above the village of Whitby.

The ruins were on top of the hill and very windy.  
Also, very interesting.

Then we walked down 199 uneven, stone steps to the town.

We passed this cute Tea Room…that we didn't go in!

On our way to have the best Fish and Chips I ever had!!

It was a very fun day!!

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2014 Jeannie Baumeister

Tuesday, November 18

My Holiday - Castle Howard

We went on a tour of Castle Howard
It's really more of a grand house than a Castle and it is filled with beautiful things!
It's known for the filming of "Brightshead Revisited"

Click on picture to see the detail of this beautiful needlework on the pillow.

The pillow was tucked into a Cradle, next to an adult bed.

The embroidery on the bed skirt looked like pure Madeira.
Beautifully done.

There is beautiful art work through out the home.  I particularly liked the painted ceilings.

In the Chapel, there is a needle worked screen - William Morris.

My favorite part of the tour?

Seeing the rainbow as we   were leaving the beautiful home.

Monday, November 17

My Holiday - Duttons For Buttons!

Still in York.  At Duttons For Buttons.

Mother of Pearl Beauties!

Lovely Mother of Pearl Buttons!

Luscious Mother of Pearl Buttons!

What a fun store.  
They had some notions and other interesting things too!

And a trip to the pub for lunch after all that excitement!!

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Sunday, November 16

My Holiday - York Day 2

In York, another cute child's dress with cardigan.

Toot Sweet!

I love the way the dresses are paired with matching sweaters.

A walk along the ancient wall in York…..

…with beautiful views.

Amazing to me that they built walls around entire cities!

A treat for me to have Yorkshire Pudding in York!!

We have it with our Christmas Roast every year.


All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 201 Jeannie Baumeister
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